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Weight Loss in McKinney, TX

Personalized Weight-Loss Program

Concierge Weight Loss in McKinney, TX

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight helps you feel energetic and improves your life in many areas. The reasons people gain and carry excess weight are often complex and unique to the individual. You may have put on weight as a result of diet and activity levels, genetics, physiological imbalances, or other factors.

Body by Blink’s concierge McKinney weight loss service is a unique subscription-based program that provides comprehensive and completely individualized support for your weight loss journey. Under the supervision of Dr. Todd Gaddis, you will have access to a broad range of therapeutic and medication-supported weight loss services that will be customized to help you safely and effectively reach and maintain your goal weight.

A Holistic Approach

What is Concierge Weight Loss?

The components of your Body by Blink weight-loss program will be determined by analysis of your unique physiological needs. Your program begins with a consultation with Dr. Todd Gaddis, during which you will discuss your goal weight, your medical history, and any previous attempts you have made to lose weight.

Understanding what causes you to gain weight is an important part of this process. For example, do you deal with cravings for sugar? Salt? Midnight snacks? What challenges do you face with weight loss? Once Dr. Gaddis has formed a picture of your unique weight loss goals and challenges, he will customize your treatment regimen. Dr. Gaddis draws on multiple modalities to tailor the most effective approach to helping you lose weight:


  • Individualized diet plan
  • Identify and treat vitamin deficiencies
  • Peptide supplements to support weight loss and overall fitness


  • Personalized fitness regimen
  • Referral to a local trainer


  • Genetic testing to determine your optimal weight-loss diet (e.g., high- or low-carb, high- or low-fat, low-calorie)
  • Semaglutide medication to increase insulin and decrease appetite
  • Stimulant medication with careful supervision to prevent side effects

Help Every Step of the Way

What are the benefits of Concierge Weight Loss?

Losing weight can dramatically improve both your mental and physical health. However, managing your own weight loss can be challenging. Working with a medical professional offers a clearer understanding of why you tend to put on weight, along with treatments customized to your physiology and lifestyle. Having a partner in your weight loss journey can also be extremely motivating and help you break through any obstacles you have faced trying to lose weight on your own. If you'd like to find out more about our concierge programs for weight loss McKinney medical aesthetics and weight loss expert, Dr. Todd Gaddis, can answer any questions you have during a consultation. Call us today!

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Understanding Your Unique Needs

Your Weight Loss Consultation

Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss, we create your regimen from the ground up based on your unique needs. This process begins with a consultation with Dr. Gaddis. He will ask you about your goals, your medical history, and any previous attempts you have made to shed extra pounds. To create your individualized treatment plan, he may also recommend diagnostic testing to determine if genetic factors are affecting your weight. Once you have started your regimen, we will continue working alongside you to monitor your progress and adjust your treatment as necessary. Call Body By Blink today to schedule your consultation!

Tailored to You

Your Weight Loss Program

The details of your individual weight-loss program will be determined through consultation with Dr. Gaddis. He will supervise each step of your journey, adjusting your regimen as needed as you progress. Along with creating a plan that combines nutritional guidance, a fitness regimen, and medication support, Dr. Gaddis will help you understand why you gain weight and how your body responds to different interventions. Our goal is to help you reach your goal weight and maintain it, improving your quality of life.

Take Pride in Your Progress

Concierge Weight Loss Results

Our weight loss services help you take control of your health and achieve your best body. Losing weight can improve your health, enhance your appearance, and boost your confidence and self-image. You deserve to feel your best. At Body by Blink, we are committed to helping you understand how you can keep weight off and maintain lasting results that improve your life every single day.

Ongoing Support

Weight Maintenance and Aftercare

We care about helping you reach your goal weight and maintain it. That is why we spend so much time learning about the reasons you put on weight and provide regimens and treatments targeted to your needs. By helping you understand your unique physiology, we empower you to take control of your weight and feel amazing in your body.

Weight LossFrequently Asked Questions

Concierge weight-loss support at Body by Blink costs $100 per month.

Our concierge weight loss program includes ongoing weight monitoring, testing, nutritional support, guidance on a fitness regimen, and medications to help you lose weight.

You should book your McKinney consultation today if you’re looking for personalized aesthetic care from a doctor who treats patients with respect and kindness. Dr. Gaddis and his team at Body by Blink are the gold standards for head-to-toe aesthetic care and age management in McKinney. Schedule your consultation today.

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