Todd Gaddis, Md.

Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Specialist

After receiving his Medical Doctorate in 2001 from St. Christophers College of Medicine, Dr. Gaddis entered a Family Medicine residency at Baton Rouge General, where he emphasized cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic medicine. He has been involved in the art of aesthetic medicine extensively since the launch of Botox and fillers 20+ years ago. With the advent of non-invasive laser and light treatments, he has been on the cutting edge and is certified in laser and light therapy. He has credentials in tumescent liposuction, Vaser liposuction, Autologous fat transfer, and laser-assisted liposuction. Still, He feels today’s technology allows for better results with less invasive procedures and cutting-edge Anti-Aging Medicine. 

Ten years ago, he became involved in hospital and emergency medicine and fell in love with that. He has traveled extensively to serve small and large hospital systems in need throughout multiple states. Dr. Gaddis holds medical licenses in 6 states and maintains board certification in the ABFM. In all his time practicing such a wide range of medicine, Dr. Gaddis has become convinced that patients are better cared for with a more proactive approach to their healthcare. A deep understanding of how our appearance reflects on our physical and mental health has led to Body by Blink.